Since the 1969 offshore oil platform accident, there's been a focused effort by environmentalists to review and stop many drilling projects in local waters.

Now, with a new energy policy from the White House, there's a concern that Santa Barbara County could see 750 new on-shore wells in the Cat Canyon area of Los Alamos.

Detectives say four people arrested following a wild car chase in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties are suspects in a string of commercial burglaries and strong arm robberies stretching across the state.

The four people were spotted in Thousand Oaks Tuesday morning, and when law enforcement officers tried to pull over their car, they fled north on Highway 101. They were finally arrested in Gaviota, after spike strips blew out some of the vehicle’s tires.

Tax Revenues Down In Santa Barbara

21 hours ago

Sales tax receipts which fund vital city services have dipped in Santa Barbara.

A State Senator representing much of the Central and South Coasts introduced legislation intended to help create more affordable housing for seniors.

SB 62 by Democratic State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson of Santa Barbara would create an Affordable Senior Housing Program. The program would work through the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development to help with issues like location, funding, and permitting.

Jackson says the legislation was inspired by a unique senior housing project developed as a private-public partnership in the Santa Ynez Valley.

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It’s been an impressive rainfall season for the Central and South Coasts, but a researcher says it was far from a drought buster.

A church parking lot in Ventura County was the scene of a grim discovery.

A body was found in a van parked in the lot on the 2500 block of North Moorpark Road around 3 p.m. Tuesday. The person was pronounced dead at the scene, and authorities think they had been dead for some time.

There were no apparent signs of foul play. The name of the person hasn’t been released.

Photo by Darcy Bradley

A UC Santa Barbara researcher has been studying how scuba diving with sharks – which has become a multi-million-dollar global tourism industry -- impacts the shark population. The findings were surprising.

With a quarter of shark species at risk of extinction, Darcy Bradley, a postdoctoral researcher with the Sustainable Fisheries Group at UCSB, wanted to know if scuba diving influences the behavior and the abundance of shark populations.

“So, our question very simply was:  Do sharks avoid areas that are frequented by scuba divers?” she said.

Authorities say they’ve identified the body of a man found in a remote area of Ventura County.

The body was discovered in January near a campground southwest of Ojai. It was badly decomposed, making identification difficult.

Papers found in the area indicated it might be Thomas Taggart, a transient who had been living in Ventura County. DNA tests confirmed the identity. The Ventura County Medical Examiner’s Office was unable to pinpoint the cause of death.

An effort to stop a car full of people believed to have been involved in a burglary turned into a wild car chase in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, hitting speeds of 120 miles an hour.

It started at around 11 a.m. Tuesday, when a CHP car tried to stop a northbound car on Highway 101 in Camarillo. The driver refused to stop and started driving at high speeds, at times passing other vehicles on Highway 101’s shoulder, and center divider. The chase headed through Ventura and Santa Barbara.

Detectives are investigating the shooting death of a man on the South Coast.

Oxnard Police were called to the 400 block of North Bonita Avenue at around 10:30 last night by reports of a shooting. They founded a wounded man at the scene. Efforts to save him were unsuccessful, and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

His name hasn’t been released yet. There’s no word on what might have led to the fatal shooting.