There’s a major new drive underway to establish some permanent homeless shelters in Ventura County before the onset of the rainy season this year.

The City of Ventura and Ventura County are looking at turning a county-owned building in the city into a shelter. The County’s Health Care Agency is in the process of moving out of a large building on Knoll Drive.

Caltrans officials say they are making progress on efforts to repair, or replace six bridges badly damaged by the January flooding and debris flows in southern Santa Barbara County.

All six bridges are on Highway 192, the east-west state highway which runs parallel to Highway 101 from Carpinteria to Santa Barbara.

A man is recovering after injuries sustained in a vegetation fire Sunday evening, while clearing brush with a chainsaw.

The accident happened just before 7 p.m; the cause is under investigation.

The U.S. Secretary of State is going to speak in Ventura County later this week.

Mike Pompeo is scheduled to appear at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, where he is expected to talk about the U.S. role in supporting Iran.

Sitting in a lot off of Quarantina Street in downtown Santa Barbara is a shiny silver structure. At first glance, it looks like a small, but sleek modern looking condo.

But, as you look closer, you realize it has wheels. It’s something called a “Living Vehicle,” and it’s the creation of Santa Barbara architect Matthew Hoffman, and his wife Joanna.


South Coast researchers find that Democrats and Republicans have similar views on climate change, but they’re too party-focused to do anything about it.

Scientists from UC Santa Barbara and the University of Colorado Boulder conducted climate change surveys of several thousand people throughout the U.S. and found general agreement across party lines.

Plans have been announced for a memorial service for a longtime South Coast social worker well known for his efforts to help the homeless.

Ken Williams was a Vietnam veteran who spent more than three decades working with Santa Barbara County’s homeless. He went out into the community to find and help people living on the streets. Williams also helped create a number of community programs to help those in need.

A new survey by a national magazine lists Santa Barbara as the best place in the U.S. to live for good weather. U.S. News and World Report just issued the new rankings.

It cites Santa Barbara as having as few as 79 cloudy days a year, making it an ideal place to live weather-wise.

There’s some new information about the extent of damage caused by Santa Barbara County’s destructive Holiday brush fire. County firefighters say they’ve completed a secondary assessment of the fire zone north of Goleta. The good news is the number of homes destroyed has actually been revised downwards, from 13 to ten, with three damaged.

A 74 year old man has been arrested for a threat against a school in Ventura County which authorities seriously enough that they cancelled all school activities for a day.

Ventura County Sheriff’s detectives say a potential threat against Oak Park High School was posted on a Facebook page Tuesday. As a precaution, the Oak Park Unified School District cancelled all school activities on Wednesday.

A man convicted in Ventura County of the rapes, and murders of two women will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Wilson Chouest was sentenced this week in Ventura for the cold case murders which occurred in 1980.  His victims still haven't been identified.  The now 66 year old man was already behind bars in 2015 for two other rapes in Central California when detectives linked him to the two killings with DNA evidence.

Can you tell if someone is telling you a little fib, or a big lie? You might think you have the answer, but an expert on the subject says you probably are wrong. Norah Dunbar is a UC Santa Barbara communications professor who’s been studying deception detection for two decades. Dunbar is the author of a new study on the subject, which shows video games could be an important new training tool.

An environmental group is suing an oil company in Santa Barbara County, claiming that polluted storm water runoff from its facilities in the Orcutt area is contaminating creeks, and the ocean.

The Environmental Defense Center claims that the pollution is coming from the Pacific Coast Energy Company’s 5400 acre North County facility. The suit says the company is violating the Clean Water Act.

(Photo courtesy Ventura County Air Unit)

Five people were hurt in a head-on collision on the Pacific Coast Highway in Ventura County which sent one of the vehicles careening into the ocean.

It happened just after 5:30 Thursday night, south of Mugu Rock. CHP officers say the two people in the car which went off the highway into the ocean were thrown from the vehicle. They swam to shore. 

He’s accused of attacking a woman, but between witness and police, he wasn’t able to escape, even when he jumped off of Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara while trying to make a getaway.

The bizarre incident started at around 3:30 Wednesday morning near Santa Barbara’s Amtrak Station. Witnesses say Casey Michael Lewis kicked a woman on the ground so badly she lost consciousness.