Researcher Speaking On South Coast Says Internet Searches Key Tool In Finding What People Think

A researcher who’s speaking on the South Coast says a lot of what we know today about people, and sensitive subjects like racism, sexual preference, and abortion may be wrong, because people lie about these subjects. Seth Stephens-Davidowitz says data from the internet shows a much different reality about a number of issues that we find through traditional research, surveys, and polls.

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California Coast News

More than a thousand people packed a Ventura County church Tuesday to remember a 14 year old girl who died from complications of the flu.

Gabriella Chabot died suddenly last week.

Ventura County Sheriff’s detectives have arrested a mother-daughter duo they’ve dubbed the “panty bandits.”

Investigators say the duo from LA was shoplifting panties, bras, and other items from Victoria’s Secret stores in Oxnard and Thousand Oaks.

A musician who toured the world with musicians like Mel Torme, but settled in Ventura County where he taught music for generations has died.

Elmer Ramsey was a music professor at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks for three decades.

A storm system off the West Coast continues to drift away from the coast, and emergency services officials say as expected it didn’t create any new flash flood, or debris flow concerns for the Central and South Coasts.

Rainfall ranged from a few sprinkles to about a tenth of an inch in some mountain areas. It was never even close to thresholds which would trigger evacuations in brush fire burn zones.

Hikers have lost some of their favorite areas in our local hills.

Trails have been wiped out by both the Thomas Fire and the 1/9 disaster mudflow.

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Man Who Overcame Dyslexia To Become College Honors Graduate, Author To Speak On South Coast

He was a young boy, filled with fear about something no child should be afraid of. Jonathan Mooney was terrified of being asked to take part in a simple classroom activity, reading in class, because he struggled with reading. But, he became an author and activist who graduated from Brown University with honors in literature. This week, he's visiting the South Coast to speak about the issue of learning issues, and how we address them.

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KCLU Honored At The Golden Mike Awards

We're once again the big Golden Mikes Award winner on the Central and South Coasts, with five awards for news excellence by the Radio Television News Association of Southern California.

Two people are facing a variety of criminal charges following an early morning car, and foot chase in a South Coast community involving a Sheriff’s Department helicopter, and K-9 dogs.

A Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputy noticed two people sitting in a car parked outside of a convenience store on the 1100 block of Casitas Pass Road in Carpinteria around 3 a.m. yesterday.

When the officer ran the license plates, he discovered the car had been stolen in Simi Valley. An effort to stop the car as it was leaving led to a chase through Carpinteria.

We know smoking is bad for us, and the fact is fewer people are smoking.

Yet the latest statistics show 11% of high school students in California say they’ve used tobacco products in the last 30 days.

It’s one thing to give a ride to a friend, or to make a donation to help someone in need.

But, a Ventura County man literally gave one of his organs to save someone else’s life.

Lance Orozco has this incredible story of selflessness, and a budding new friendship.

They looked like ships straight out of the 1700’s, and appeared in movies like “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Having a felony conviction for something like drug possession or shoplifting can be the difference between getting a job or not.

A state proposition intended to decrease jail overcrowding by releasing inmates for a half dozen non-violent offenses is also giving some people a chance to have their convictions reduced.

KCLU’s Lance Orozco talks with attorneys in the Ventura, and Santa Barbara County public defenders offices about the situation.

They are one of the most interesting units in the U.S. Navy. Naval Construction battalions, better known as “Seabees” are specially trained to build everything from airfields to housing around the world under combat conditions.

Their history was made famous by the classic World War II movie, “The Fighting Seabees.” What many people don’t know is that not only the Seabees history rooted in Ventura County, it’s home to the Seabees National Museum.

KCLU’s Lance Orozco reports that this weekend, the museum will host a free screening of “The Fighting Seabees.”  

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NPR News Special Coverage: Pentagon Briefing

Apr 1, 2003

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NPR News Special Coverage: Pentagon Briefing

Apr 1, 2003

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