Tech Incubator On South Coast Helps Ideas Like Program To Help Those With Autism Become Reality

One is 68 children in America is on the autism spectrum. When these kids grow up, many of them have a hard time finding jobs, not because of their capability, but because they don’t have the social skills to find the positions. A Ventura County college student decided to try to tackle the problem, through creation of a new company called “Coding Autism.”

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A traffic stop on the South Coast has led to a massive drug bust, with more than a hundred thousand doses of methamphetamine seized.

A Ventura County Sheriff’s deputy stopped a car Saturday night near Rose Avenue and Ives Avenue in Oxnard for a possible traffic violation. The deputy says they discovered Daniel Sanchez of Poway was driving with an expired license.

The officer aided by Oxnard Police then searched the car.

Santa Barbara County firefighters were busy with a rash of brush fires on the Central Coast, but knocked them down before they could cause damage.

Mike Eliason, with the County Fire Department, says five small blazes occurred off of the northbound 101 between Los Alamos and Orcutt just after 4 p.m. Wednesday. They were quickly put out.

(SBFD Photo)

Investigators say a heat source too close to combustible materials sparked a fire which heavily damaged a popular South Coast brewhouse.

The blaze was discovered just before four a.m. Wednesday on the 200 block of West Montecito Street, in Santa Barbara. Firefighters discovered smoke coming from the roof of the Brewhouse Bistro & Brewery when they reached the scene.

They were able to quickly knock down the blaze. No one was hurt.

A man on trial for the October, 2014 murder of his ex-girlfriend in Santa Barbara had pled guilty to second degree murder, and agreed to a 16 year sentence in state prison.

Prosecutors say Aubrey Dupree Wadford stabbed Angela Lasky to death in the apartment they had been sharing while their two year old daughter was sleeping in a nearby room. Even though their relationship was apparently over, the two were living together to care for the child.

Neighbors testified during the trial that the duo fought frequently.

An acting supervisor has been named to manage the Los Padres National Forest, until the vacant post is filled.

Merv George will serve as Acting Supervisor for the 1.9 million acre forest, which extends through huge swaths of the Central and South Coasts. The forest is headquartered in Goleta.

George has been Supervisor of Six Rivers National Forest, which extends through four counties in northwestern California.

The Los Padres post is vacant because Robert Baird was promoted to Pacific Southwest Regional Director of Fire & Aviation Management.

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Class is in session for science teacher Roger Newell. The 8th grade teacher at Oak Park’s Medea Creek Middle School has been an educator for more than three decades, but today he’s one of the students, so to speak, learning about a new approach to teaching science being implemented in California. Hundreds of educators are at a Ventura County Office of Education conference in Camarillo looking at California’s new science standards, and how to implement them in classrooms.

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Nearly 100 days into his administration, President Trump has drastically reduced the flow of immigration, both legal and illegal, to the U.S. He's been able to accomplish that without any new legislation — and without many of his signature ideas solidly in place, including executive orders that have been put on hold by the courts, and a proposed wall on the Mexican border.

Arkansas, which has been in a race to execute death-row inmates before a key lethal drug expires, plans to hold its final execution in the series Thursday night.

Attorneys for the condemned men have put forth arguments about their innocence, intellectual abilities, mental states and about the execution procedure.

But what happens to those debates after an execution?

Ledell Lee was the first inmate executed this month in Arkansas. There was scant physical evidence tying him to the murder he was convicted of, and he was never given a DNA test before his execution.

Suing To Sell Baked Goods

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